Tuesday, December 12, 2006



"THE TANTRUM" - a film by John Fountain

This was my pilot for Nickelodeon. I produced it, wrote it, directed it, designed it, storyboarded it and voiced the main character myself.


Walt Disney Television Animation
- Series Director, "Yin Yang Yo" - upcoming television series
– Director, “American Dragon” pilot
- Development artist, scriptwriter, art director “Jungle Jams”

Cartoon Network
- Director, storyboard artist for CGI 20-episode series of shorts "Toonix"
- Storyboard artist for pilot "SuperNoobs"
- Storyboard artist for Cartoon Network South America shorts
- Storyboard artist for pilot episode of 'Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty

Netflix Kids
- Storyboard artist for 50 short films for Netflix Kids Network

Baboon Animation
- Writer, series bible for upcoming series

Warner Bros. TV Animation
- Creator of “Nightmare Hunter”, currently in development

Nickelodeon Animation Studios
- Director,storyboard supervisor "The Fairly Oddparents"
- Storyboard artist on “Teenage Robot”
- Creator/ producer/director/writer/designer/storyboard artist,
"The Tantrum" pilot for “Oh Yeah! Cartoons”
- Lead character designer, "Invader Zim"
- Storyboard artist, "Chalk Zone", "The Fairly Oddparents",
"Oh Yeah! Cartoons” and "Dora the Explorer"
- Director, storyboard Artist, “Teenage Robot”

MTV Networks
- Writer, designer, storyboard artist, "Cartoon Sushi"
- Short film "The Raven"

South Park Productions
– Animator, "SOUTH PARK: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" feature film

- Storyboard artist, "The Wild Thornberrys"

Happy House Productions
- Character designer

Soundsource Interactive
- Art director/writer for various CD-rom projects including “Free Willy 3” activity center.

Lawrence Productions
- Art director for various CD-rom projects including “Zootopia” and “The Adventure Bible Handbook”


- Children's book illustrator - Visionquest Kids Publishing - "Birthday Wishes" by Leigh Hope Phillips
- American-beat column for NEWTYPE KOREA magazine - writer and illustrator
- Newspaper comic strips/panels "Fountain's Pen" and
"Relatively Speaking"
- Created "Bulk Comix" alternative comic book for Chiasmus publishing


- California Institute of the Arts - 3rd and 4th year story teacher
- San Jose State University - Advanced story teacher
- Laguna College of Art and Design - Guest Lecturer
- Kalamazoo Animation Festival International - Lecturer, Workshop leader
- San Diego ComiCon - Guest Lecturer


- Theater experience in improv comedy, stand-up, and voiceover work (member of the Screen Actor's Guild)
- Degrees in Art, Journalism and Creative Writing

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


these are development illustrations and character designs for various animated projects - click the image to see a larger version


Various magazine illustrations.


'BIRTHDAY WISHES!' - the first (but not last) collaborative effort between me and my wife is now available in hardcover form from Visikids Publishing on AMAZON.COM!


'Birthday Wishes' is a story told entirely in rhyme about about twins who take 'sibling rivalry' to a whole new level when they discover that every year their birthday wishes actually come true. As we all know, siblings are prone to wicked pranks, and thus begins their 'wishing war' as they induce all manner of horrors on one another whenever their birthday comes around.

This was my very first children's book EVER - and believe me I've been asked to do many. It was only after I met Leigh and read her wonderful and unique writing that I felt inspired to tread such waters.


These are some of my comic strips - some of which are in various stages of completion.

This strip was done for 'Hot Mexican Love' comics anthology - 2006 available at comic-book stores or by e-mailing me at FOUNTAINSPEN@AOL.COM

Unpublished - available for publication

Unpublished - available for publication

Unpublished - available for publication


All of the paintings you see are for sale and commissioned work is available - inquiries may be directed to FOUNTAINSPEN@AOL.COM

"Wasted Time" - Watercolor - 2006 - unpublished

"Teri" - Watercolor Caricature of actress - 2006 - unpublished

"Pink" - Watercolor Caricature of singer - 2006 - unpublished

"Shaq" - Watercolor Caricature of basketball player - 2006 - unpublished

This is a caricature of G4-Tech TV's hosts of 'X-Play' - Adan Sessler and Morgan Webb - Watercolor - 2003 - unpublished

"Smoke" - Watercolor - 2006 - unpublished

"Face" - Watercolor - 2006 - unpublished

"O is for OWL" - Watercolor - 2006 - unpublished

"Cupid - That Dirty Little Bastard" - Colored Pencil - 2000 - unpublished

"The Coolest Guy On Earth" - Watercolor - 2003 - unpublished

Untitled Watercolor 'sketches' - unpublished