Tuesday, December 12, 2006



"THE TANTRUM" - a film by John Fountain

This was my pilot for Nickelodeon. I produced it, wrote it, directed it, designed it, storyboarded it and voiced the main character myself.


Walt Disney Television Animation
- Series Director, "Yin Yang Yo" - upcoming television series
– Director, “American Dragon” pilot
- Development artist, scriptwriter, art director “Jungle Jams”

Cartoon Network
- Director, storyboard artist for CGI 20-episode series of shorts "Toonix"
- Storyboard artist for pilot "SuperNoobs"
- Storyboard artist for Cartoon Network South America shorts
- Storyboard artist for pilot episode of 'Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty

Netflix Kids
- Storyboard artist for 50 short films for Netflix Kids Network

Baboon Animation
- Writer, series bible for upcoming series

Warner Bros. TV Animation
- Creator of “Nightmare Hunter”, currently in development

Nickelodeon Animation Studios
- Director,storyboard supervisor "The Fairly Oddparents"
- Storyboard artist on “Teenage Robot”
- Creator/ producer/director/writer/designer/storyboard artist,
"The Tantrum" pilot for “Oh Yeah! Cartoons”
- Lead character designer, "Invader Zim"
- Storyboard artist, "Chalk Zone", "The Fairly Oddparents",
"Oh Yeah! Cartoons” and "Dora the Explorer"
- Director, storyboard Artist, “Teenage Robot”

MTV Networks
- Writer, designer, storyboard artist, "Cartoon Sushi"
- Short film "The Raven"

South Park Productions
– Animator, "SOUTH PARK: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" feature film

- Storyboard artist, "The Wild Thornberrys"

Happy House Productions
- Character designer

Soundsource Interactive
- Art director/writer for various CD-rom projects including “Free Willy 3” activity center.

Lawrence Productions
- Art director for various CD-rom projects including “Zootopia” and “The Adventure Bible Handbook”


- Children's book illustrator - Visionquest Kids Publishing - "Birthday Wishes" by Leigh Hope Phillips
- American-beat column for NEWTYPE KOREA magazine - writer and illustrator
- Newspaper comic strips/panels "Fountain's Pen" and
"Relatively Speaking"
- Created "Bulk Comix" alternative comic book for Chiasmus publishing


- California Institute of the Arts - 3rd and 4th year story teacher
- San Jose State University - Advanced story teacher
- Laguna College of Art and Design - Guest Lecturer
- Kalamazoo Animation Festival International - Lecturer, Workshop leader
- San Diego ComiCon - Guest Lecturer


- Theater experience in improv comedy, stand-up, and voiceover work (member of the Screen Actor's Guild)
- Degrees in Art, Journalism and Creative Writing